In episodes 1 - 24 I started The Mighty Mindset Podcast which was part of a coaching business I started, while recording episodes 20-24 I decided to rebrand my podcast and combine my coaching business under my business The Mighty Baker. I have had my business for almost ten years and have decided to focus all my content around the cake and dessert business. So starting in episode 24 you are welcomed to The Mighty Baker Podcast.

Join me as I share my story. Over the last 13 years I have lived in New York City and Utah and have been in and out of corporate marketing jobs while starting and running my bakery business. I will be sharing all my successes and failures over the years and what I learned from them and how I pivoted and shifted my business along my journey. In addition I will be sharing about my experiences as a Two Time Winner on Food Networks Cake Wars and a Finalist on Halloween Baking Championship. I will also be inviting some of my baker friends that I have met over the years in all my baking adventures and talking to them about why they chose cake or desserts as an art or business.
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